5 Tips for Choosing Restaurant Glassware

By Cheryl Knight

Before you create a business plan and strategy, dream up a restaurant theme or get your hands on a business loan, you need to think thoroughly about where to situate your restaurant. Researching the location is absolutely crucial in the early stages of your restaurant plans. The more prepared you are, the less likely you will be to fail. Among the things you should consider:

1.) Make Glassware Distinctive: Match glasses and mugs to the restaurant's decor, which helps present a fluid dining experience for customers. Consider more elegant glassware for fine dining, or choose casual options for a relaxed and fun environment. Remember that first impressions with customers can make a significant difference in their overall satisfaction level. And glassware is oftentimes the first thing a customer sees when entering a restaurant. Make sure the mugs, glasses, and other glassware on the table stands out. Make your choices pleasing to the eye.

2.) Select Durable Glassware: Choose durable and long-lasting glassware. This can save money in the long run, so select products from a manufacturer with a great reputation. Focusing on lower-priced products alone could actually cost more in the long term as lower-quality items can break, chip, or crack more easily.

3.) Avoid Bulky Glassware: Diners prefer glasses that are easy to hold and handle. And if you want bigger glasses, for items like beer mugs, consider getting them with a handle. Think of your glassware as more than just an accessory. It can function as a focal point a customer's dining experience.

4.) Use a Wide Selection of Glassware: From beverage glasses with or without handles to large or small coffee mugs, make sure to cover all of your bases. Available products also include soda glasses, dessert glasses, and tumblers. And for fine dining establishments, choose wine and champagne glasses that keep in mind the overall restaurant design.

5.) Find Startup Capital: Need help raising the funds to pay for all this new glassware? Reach out to potential customers and partners through Foodstart.com, the community funding site just for the food-and-beverage industry.

Raising Funds For Your Restaurant?

Foodstart helps restaurants, food trucks, breweries, cafes, and others in the food-and-beverage industry raise capital in small increments online.

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Here are some of the ways Foodstart can help you raise money for your business:


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Seed Match
Foodstart will seed your business with $1,000 - just raise at least $5k from at least 20 different people.


Physical Backer Cards
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Familiar Payment Platform
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Let's get started...

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