7 Examples of Great Restaurant Tweets

by Cynthia Chellappa

1.) Talk about the basics of your restaurant- the FOOD! There's nothing more exciting than biting into a juicy red strawberry or perfectly poached pear. Fresh and ripe ingredients make up your food. Take pictures and show them off!

Example: We've been counting down all year for this- pumpkin season! Just look at these. Chef, time to get that pie in the oven... #Fall #Thanksgiving

2.) Have special Twitter giveaways. Hold trivia contests, special offers for the 10th person to answer a fun fact about your restaurant, etc. The possibilities on this one are endless!

Example: Morning Tweeps! Mention the word "Twitter" to one of our baristas today and we'll upgrade your drink size. But shh, it's a secret :)

3.) Everyone loves a holiday. Wish your followers happy holidays, and offer specials- it's the season of giving!

Example: We're all Irish today! Stop by for #StPattysDay Happy Hour Specials- Green Goose, March Mint Madness, and more. #GoGreen

4.) Show off your employees! They work hard to make food people love, and let your customers know who's behind the food. Post pictures of your team- hard at work, cooking, having fun- anything goes!

Example: From our @ Tenappa's family to yours...

5.) Respond to tweets your followers send. Whether the comments are good or bad, it's all feedback that you can use to improve your business. It also shows you care enough about your customers to respond.

Example: @JessieJ359 we wish you came out yesterday too. Don't worry, we've got Tuesday drink specials all month long- see you next week :)

6.) Be Human. If someone has a negative experience at your restaurant, be gracious and offer to make it up to them. Show that you're not just a business- you're people too, and can understand how a fluke can be off-putting.

Example: Hey @tweep! We're sorry to hear your experience wasn't great. Let us make it up to you. Come in next Thursday for a steak, on us!

7.) Be Funny. Everyone loves humor and some even like puns. Don't be afraid to post silly, quirky tweets and get creative!

Example:Why do we love Bugs Bunny? He's a toon after our own heart. #WhatsUpGuac . At @GuacAWorld, we're crazy for our avocados.

8.) Advertise for Staff. Your followers are obviously interested in your food. Why not give them anopportunity to join in? Post job openings on Twitter- you're practically guaranteed a worker who loves his job.

Example:Fair Oaks, we're hiring servers and bartenders! Stop by anytime to pick up an application.

9.) Raise Funds. Let your followers back your business in exchange for discounts, free dessert, behindthe- scenes tours using a community funding site like Foodstart.com. See below for more details.

Example: Wilson's BBQ needs to expand! Become an early backer and get free t-shirts, bottles of our homemade sauce, a BBQ workshop, and more! www.foodstart.com/wilsonsbbq

Raising Funds For Your Restaurant?

Foodstart helps restaurants, food trucks, breweries, cafes, and others in the food-and-beverage industry raise capital in small increments online.

The idea: create a network of people who want to see your business succeed and you will increase the chances that you actually will. It's the same reason the Green Bay Packers created 300,000 shareholders and the Obama campaigns raised money in five-dollar increments.

Here are some of the ways Foodstart can help you raise money for your business:


Pay Backers with Free Dessert, not Cash
With Foodstart you pay backers only in free perks and rewards that you determine in advance. Try getting Bank of America to do that!


Social-Media Marketing Program
Foodstart will provide online ads, campaign consultations, custom-designed fliers, custom Twitter and Facebook updates, and even will draft and distribute press releases - for free! more info


Seed Match
Foodstart will seed your business with $1,000 - just raise at least $5k from at least 20 different people.


Physical Backer Cards
Foodstart will send every backer a card they can use to redeem rewards.


Low Fees
Foodstart charge just 4% plus we pass along a 2.9% credit card processing fee - the lowest in community-funded finance!


Familiar Payment Platform
People back your business using their existing Amazon.com account.


Let's get started...

Minimum Amount: $500
Maximum Amount: $50,000

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