Affiliate Program

Do you work with food-and-beverage companies who need capital? If so, considering becoming a Foodstart Affiliate. Here are they types of firms Foodstart typically partners with:

- restaurant and food truck associations
- food incubators
- trade groups
- web sites serving the food and beverage industry
- traditional banks
- alternative lenders
- restaurant consultants

The terms are quite simple. We charge our clients 5% of the total amount raised and pass along 1/5 of that or 1% to affiliates who refer new business to us.

As an added bonus, we also seed projects with $500 if they come to Foodstart via an affiliate - this, on top of the $500 we already provide. In other words, we'll back the campaigns of our affiliated clients with an extra $500 - a nice perk that gives them another reason to belong to your group or use your services.

The net result:

-A new, hassle-free revenue stream for you.
-An additional benefit ($500) for your clients.

This, in addition, to all the great free services we provide our food and beverage clients, including social media consultations, physical cards for backers, promotional material, and more. If you're interested in learning more about how you can help your clients raise capital online while earning additional revenue for your business, send us a note today.