Expert Network

Foodstart is currently signing up one to three new restaurant clients a day. Near the end of the process of uploading their projects, we introduce them to our Expert Network - best of breed providers of various services, including, perhaps those provided by your firm.

Would you like to be considered for inclusion?

Three quick things to consider for inclusion:

1.) What value-added service or pricing structure can you offer Foodstart clients?
For example, one member of our network, Messner & Reeves ( a boutique, Denver-based law firm that handles all of the legal work for Chipotle Mexican Grill) provides Foodstart clients with a free, half-hour business consultation.

2.) What, if any, filters would you like to include?
It is easy for us to filter the kinds of businesses your firm appears in front of. For example, you can place limits by

-Geography (state, city, zip code, even zip code)
-Business Type (Food trucks, Restaurants, Caterers, Breweries, etc.)
-Business Stage (Startups, In-Operation)
-Amount Seeking (More than $5k, $25k, $50k, etc.)

3.) What kind of finder's fee can you offer?
Foodstart requests that you provide our firm with some sort of compensation for referrals who end up becoming paid clients.

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