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Benny Patrick
Las Vegas, Nevada

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All good gifts come from the LORD. And when He gives them He provides all the tools to maintain that in which He has given. So we believe that God is going to provide through His people the funds that are necessary to maintain and build this Amazing gift that was given to us. For we know that it was only Him that could have given it to us. My wife and I married young and God blessed us with two children. We have allowed God to guide us every step of the way. My wife Genie works, goes to school and takes care of our family. We knew that the day would come when she would not be able to work when she entered medical school in order to complete her goal to become a Physician’s Assistant. I knew when that time came I would need to be in a position to support the family without her income. As we all know God is always on time. He has not only blessed me with the opportunity to provide, but he blessed me and my wife to do something we have always been passionate about and loved doing, “cooking”. God blessed our good friend with two bar and grill restaurants and as the people we are my wife and I agreed to help him with the business and it was through that help that God led him to give us one of the locations free and clear. As I am sure you can tell, this was sudden and without notice and God called us to step out of the boat and accept, knowing he would be the provider. My wife has already made sauces that people are requesting to buy for home use, as well as put on the market. In order to take this Grill to the next level our famous ribs need to be added to the menu. And that’s why we need your help in providing funds to purchase the following: 1. Commercial BBQ Grill 2. Legalization and trademark for secret sauces and bottling 3. Incorporation of the BAMFam Productions Every dime counts any and all donations will be appreciated. No donation will go unnoticed or unused. This is the start of an amazing breakthrough for our whole family. And we know just as God has blessed us he will bless you for your gift. We want to thank you in advance for supporting us when we needed it you the most. All forms of donations are accepted. PayPal Gift Cards Mail in a Check or Money Order