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Kelsea Sakamoto

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I met my fiance in 2013, through mutual friends. His love for cooking and his attention to detail is what ended up catching my eye (it really wasn't until he asked me to sit in his kitchen and started cooking sushi that I realized how unique he was, how creative, how talented and how much passion he had to create something that would have a lasting impact on his guests). He has a passion for food that is an art itself, and when I lost my job in 2014, I knew we had to do something food related. On a whim, I started looking at food trucks, and within a week, we had a truck picked out and The Carnival Truck was planned out. We started The Carnival Truck in May 2015. We quickly progressed from serving on the streets to serving private parties. We are now looking to start a brick and mortar restaurant before our first child is due (in March 2016!!)