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Matt Dulin

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I am a creator, most in depth with the world of food. Over the last few years I've gone deeper into my quest for understanding food from its starting point to its finish. Travels have taken me to raising goats on a dairy farm in New Mexico; producing coffee in Kona, Hawaii; raising chickens and organic farming practices in northern Washington. I've been cooking my whole life, professionally for 8 years going on 9. I am also an avid runner, writer, painter, and occasionally a yoga teacher. Aside from labels, I am just another person going about life in the ways which make me feel good, the paths that feel true, the ones with heart. I love adventure and traveling. I hope to explore the world and experience new cultures and especially see other realms of food in different countries. My most recent accomplishment was a cross country bicycle ride from Washington to Georgia. My next mission is to run the Leadville 100. A 100 mile race in the Colorado mountains, testing my ability to push through difficult times. Benefiting the alpha one foundation I am fundraising for research and awareness of the disease that my father passed away from. The link for donating to this is below. I have many passions in life, all of which connect to one other. Supporting one area, supports the whole. Very much love to you, thanks.