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William James Johnson TBJ’S Concession Service Ministry 602 First Street Suite D Henderson, Kentucky 42420 Cell: 270-844-3520 Email: allbeingaboutbusiness@gmail.com William J Johnson has been one of Henderson BBQ Pit Master, & Concessionaire best in Western Kentucky for the last 13 years. In fact since opening 2000 his company has had ups and downs but still moving toward his goal at the same time pushing the envelope in the food industry. In Western Kentucky & Southern Indiana as street vendor and & concessionaire first to take serval of today’s technology combining them in one service underneath website tbjsbbq.com. Under his leadership TBJ’S Concession Service Ministry will give the ability to look at weekend festivals, catering; street vending and personal chef in whole new way also have a purpose. William has over 20 years of life experience in the field of Culinary Arts, taking food service classes in High School and Job Corp; Working from dishwasher, back in the house cook to catering, cooking personal meals for individuals and being personal driver for 5 years to elderly lady. William spent three years being a male model, has done five modeling jobs. William carries himself in a professional manner, completes every job, no matter how long it will take. In spite of my disability always looking to improve his career and life not be in the same circle . William spent 2010 and 2011 taken class at Henderson Community College to improve his reading, math skills, English skills, also speaking by taken Public Speak class. William became Evansville, Indiana April 3, 2003 for 65 days first black person to own a taxicab company. William sought after his New York dream twelve times from 1997 until 2012, in that process , while living in New York received parts as an extra in TV commercials 1997 and 2012 received extra seating roll in New York Talk show. William has one beautiful wife for the last 16 years Chavon Barrett Johnson. William has passion for Jesus Christ, helping people also 12 year unlicensed Minister of Church of God In Christ under the leadership Pastor Tim Baker & First Lady Baker of Holy Trinity Church of God In Christ 1717 Judson Street Evansville, Indiana. In The church arena William has worked many positions furthermore knows whole function operation of church. William lives life to be strength to others and inspire them to do better; wanting nothing but Jesus Christ to shine. Due to being in foster care, special education,