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Sylver Monaco
New Braunfels, Texas

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After obtaining a degree in theatre arts and creative writing from Trinity University in 2006, I moved to NYC to pursue playwrighting, and was supporting my starving artist lifestyle in restaurants. I discovered three things: 1. I loved the restaurant industry as much as theatre. 2. My now-husband in a subway station. 3. Living in New York was not for me. So, I moved back to Texas with my husband and we started a family. I continued working in the restaurant industry to support my family for 13 years. My sister attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, as she shares a similar passion for good food and wine. Theatre has fallen by the wayside as I've been focusing on family. My sister, Madison and I have always dreamed of merging food and theatre into one. Our youngest sister, Tori, just graduated from University of Texas with a directing/theatre arts degree as well. The three of us have been working together in the restaurant industry for years, so it only makes sense for us to go into business together, creating a new dining concept in New Braunfels, where the art of the stage and the art of the plate combine into one stellar experience! Please help us realize our dream, and bring next-level awesomeness to the New Braunfels dining scene.