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Deanna Jennette

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I am a teacher of seventeen years and a mother of fifteen years, (I have one 15 year old daughter) I have decided to leave my teaching profession and delve into the entrepreneurship world. I have dedicated the last seventeen years of my life to children and teens, bestowing hours on end to the benefactor of children’s academic and social growth. But, due to drastic changes in the educational system that I felt were not conducive to children or teachers, I decided it was time to do something for myself and my daughter and to transfer from feeding minds to feeding bellies…  So, in order to hone in on the fact that I had dedicated many years to education, I named my food truck business, “The School of Bacon.” I love to cook, I love bacon and I love making others happy. I have also worked in the service industry since I was a young teen, waitressing, catering, and eventually graduating to bartending. As a teacher, I supplemented my income by bartending on weekends throughout my entire career. I still bartend today. I am confident that with all of the skills that I have acquired through my many faceted jobs and career, I will uphold a successful food truck business.