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Ariel Echevarria
Humboldt, Iowa

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It's funny that when faced with telling people about yourself, you seem to have a hard time doing it. I know I do.I wanted to show people who do not know me personally,the type of person I am. I'll try not to give the typical know the drill. Name, birth place,etc. To me that doesn't really tell you much about a person. I've always been the laid back guy. Nothing really grinds me the wrong way to the point where I over react. I guess you can say I'm very level headed. I love making people laugh and if I can't make them laugh, I'm usually the one that will just listen and be there. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up (who is really doing what they wanted to do?) The only thing I knew was that I wanted to be in the military like my dad. I accomplished that goal on my 18th Birthday and enlisted in the Air Force and have served in the Air National Guard ever since. I attended college off and on for 5 years until I finally made my final decision of what I wanted to do when I grew up. I guess that goes to show that it's okay to not know what you want to be when you grow up at the age of 18. I decided that I wanted to open a business of my own and didn't want to wait until I retired from a regular job because to me that would be too late. So, I did what most business owners have done. I found something I was passionate about (FOOD!)and pursued it. I love cooking and I saw a gap in the food industry. Every town has Mexican places, fast food, burger places, etc but I rarely see Puerto Rican food. I believe most people would enjoy it and should be able to have the option to do so. People like variety and that is what I intend on providing.