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Ela Barton
Seattle, Washington

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The management team: Maya Hersh has 11 years of experience in the foodservice industry and has filled management roles in both front and back of house. She is currently a lead server at Cafe Flora, one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Seattle. She has been the Kitchen Manager at McCusker’s Market in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts and at Mioposto, an artisan pizza restaurant in the Mount Baker area of Seattle. She was also General Manager of multiple Mad Pizza locations including South Lake Union and Madison Park. She is the General Manager of Bake & Fry. Ela Barton has 8 years experience in the foodservice industry, trained at the Art Institute of California, Hollywood and the United States Navy. Her training has focused on serving large quantities, providing experience with serving over 5,000 meals a day. Currently, she is the Weekend Brunch Sous Chef at Cafe Flora in Madison Park. Her experience includes Brunch in numerous environments such as Lottie’s Lounge, a local bar in Columbia City, Tri-Delta Sorority at University of Washington, Meander’s Kitchen, a diner in West Seattle and serving students at McMahon 8, a multi-unit restaurant on University of Washington campus. Her management experience includes being Head Chef at Tri-Delta Sorority, Chef Lead at University of Washington and Weekend Brunch Sous Chef at Cafe Flora. Ela Barton is the Head Chef of Bake & Fry. Rose McAleese has 5 years experience in marketing and has made a viable and successful career managing numerous social media accounts for small business and companies. She specializes in outreach using internet resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and microblogging sites like Tumblr. McAleese has developed marketing techniques that are safe, smart, user friendly, well received and respected. Rose McAleese has been described as , “Someone who is well educated on the pros and cons of using the internet.” She finds new and creative ways to interact with customers using these platforms to open up a new form of communication. The products, companies, small businesses, and nonprofits she has worked for include Cain Creative, ShadowCatcher Entertainment, Seattle based artist Ginny Ruffner, Rain City Slam, Serenza Salon, Ivar’s Seafood & Restaurants, Youth Speaks Seattle, Seattle Poetry Slam, Rain City Slam and Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub.