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Michael Rindorf
Roanoke, Virginia

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I grew up in the “Heart of Texas” in a very large family. I was active during my youth participating in the Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts and Recreation League Football. I enjoyed hunting, camping and fishing with my father and grandfather. I also enjoyed attending Dallas Cowboys and Baylor University Football Games with my family. As a teen I sold popcorn at all Baylor home games and met my future wife Holly at one of the games. After growing up in and around the local DAV and VFW, I decided to follow in my father’s (Vietnam Veteran) and Grandfather’s (WWII, Korean War Veteran) footsteps and join the Army. I attended Basic Combat Training in 1991 at Fort Jackson, SC and schooling for M1 Abrams Battle Tank Repairman at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. I would return to Ft. Hood, TX until March 1993. I was given the chance to change jobs within the Army and decided to pursue a career in the Air Defense Artillery Corps as a Chaparral Crewmember. I was assigned to Bamberg, Germany under the 3rd Infantry Division. Due to reductions within the Army I was retrained to a Stinger Missile Crewman and Avenger Crewmember and served in that career field until 1996. After obtaining the rank of Sergeant, I used my re-enlistment option to retrain as Military Policeman under the Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM) and attended training at Ft. McClellan, AL during the summer of 1996. My first assignment as a Military Policeman was as a Squad Leader in the 571st Military Police Company, Ft. Lewis, WA 1996-1998. During that assignment I was deployed to Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Endeavour and Operation Joint Guard 1996-1997. In the fall of 1998, I was placed on assignment to White Sands Missile Range, NM and served as a Military Police Squad Leader and Game Warden until the fall of 2000. I obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant in 1999 and in the fall of 2000 I was selected to serve as a Protective Service Agent / Personal Security Officer to the Commander and Deputy Commander of United States European Command (USEUCOM), Stuttgart, Germany. I was responsible for the daily operations of 18 Security Agents responsible for Close-in Protection during the Commander’s travels to various countries within EUCOM’s 56 Country Area of Responsibility. I personally conducted security missions in 36 countries including Russia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. During the ground war in Iraq (2003), I was placed on assignment to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO to become an Instructor for Protective Services Training and Anti-Terrorism Evasive Driving Training. I made a personal request to the Commander of USEUCOM to have my orders changed to be assigned to a deploying Military Police Combat Support Unit. The Commander granted my request and I was placed on orders to Ft. Hood, TX November 2003 I reported to the 89th Military Police Brigade, Ft. Hood, TX and was selected to be the Platoon Sergeant of the 48 man Brigade Security Platoon during deployment to Baghdad, Iraq. Upon arrival to Baghdad, Iraq in December 2003 my platoon was assigned to combat operations within Baghdad including combat in Sadr City and Fallujah. My platoon was also responsible for security and construction of 82 various Iraqi Police Stations in Bagdad as well as security for Sadam Hussein during his numerous court appearances. I was honored to serve along side of some of the bravest Soldiers who were engaged almost daily in direct combat for 12 months. This assignment was the example of why I joined the Army. Upon return from Baghdad in Jan 2005 I was selected by the Department of Army to become a Drill Sergeant. I reported to Drill Sergeant School in May 2005 at Ft. Benning, GA and upon completion I was assigned to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo training initial entry Soldiers in Basic Combat Training and Advanced Military Police Training. During that time I was promoted to Sergeant First Class and also served as the Company Operations Sergeant. Also during this time I was dealing with some hidden injuries including a TBI and in the fall of 2006 I was hospitalized for those injuries and was Medically Discharged from the Army in Nov 2006. After 15 years of service and my medical discharge I decided to remain in the area I was most trained in and took a job as a civilian for the Dept. of Army and served as a Security Specialist for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (2006-2007). In the summer of 2007 I was asked to serve as an Anti-terrorism Specialist within the Commonwealth of Virginia, Dept of Military Affairs. In 2009, I took a position as the Regional Director, SW Virginia for the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program. This position allowed me to help Veterans with their struggles with PTSD and TBI injuries. I remained in that position until the summer of 2011 at which time I focused on my own healing and well being. Since that time I have been active in hunting, shooting events and spending time with my wife of 21 years, Holly and my four boys.