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Kirk Pitman
Dallas, Texas

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My Mom grew up on horse back. She broke her hip riding bulls, and was an '89 Rodeo Queen in Guthrie, a helluva cook, and a great shot. My wallet is lighter for the poker lessons she gave me. Like the rest of my siblings, I grew up on horseback working cattle. I didn't start out to be a baker. My mom, who usually made 10 pies at Thanksgiving, showed up one year with only 2. I panicked and asked her "what am I going to do for pie when you're gone"? She just told me I'd better get with it. So I did, and spent many hours with her learning how to make the crust and her pies. These pies are GREAT. I hope you climb aboard and help me achieve my pie dream. It's about a tip of the hat and low bow to Mom and, well, I like to eat pie. These pies are native born right here in Texas, and I want to export a little Texas with every bite.